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refugee Stories 

In September 2014 we started working on a photo series portraying refugees. The motivation arose as a reaction to the increasing stigmatization of refugees as a problem instead of human beings in need, both politically as well as in general in the population. Until now more than 250 refugees have been portrayed and interviewed, and we have decided to publish a photo book based on this material. It is still in progress, and the final goal is to portray 365 people, one for each day.

With the book we want to point out that refugees are people. Real men, women, children, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Not just a problem that needs to be sent away, kept away or forgotten. Refugees are currently a population of some 60 million people around the globe. People that happen to be born or lived in a place, where they were forced to leave because of their situation. Something that could happen to all of us. This book is a tribute to refugees, and it is made with a genuine wish to show respect and cherish the dignity of refugees. Something typically lost once becoming a refugee.


Book with hard cover

400 pages
Format 24x30 cm
Portraits 365
Color/Offset printing
First edition 1.000 copies
Price €75 at pre-order
Production cost € 26.800
Raised € 9.348
Photographer Martin Thaulow
Layout by Good people

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