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In March 2018 we went back to CAMP039 and made sure all the money donated got to the camp. One month prior, and in dialogue with the people in the camp, we had decided to buy and install a water pump in the camp. This would have made it possible to get clean water and save $30 for each family living in the camp - every month. Unfortunately CAMP039 turned out to be at a point of braking up as a result of harassment from locals and the monthly rent being raised. Due to this we decided to change the plans and instead we bought and delivered food supplies for all families living in the camp. The money donated made it possible for 11 families to get enough food for each family member for one month. THANKS to everyone who made donations!! It made a difference to those eleven families.

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Today it's BLACK FRIDAY... and new and cool stuff at reduced price is nice, but we encourage you to buy one item less and support the people of CAMP039.

Meet Kahled age 14. He is standing in a primitive shelter in one of the forgotten camps close to the border of Syria in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. He is the oldest of 4 children. His brother Yehya was killed in an accident close to the camp when he was one and a half years old in 2016. The father died of cancer shortly after they arrived to CAMP039. His mother now struggles to take care of him and his two remaining brothers.

Kahled is one of 357.000 registred refugees only in the area of the Bekaa Valley living displaced due to the war in Syria.

In CAMP039 they need materials for improvement of the shelters and better conditions for the hygiene.

Education is important and depending on the amount raised, we would also like to improve the conditions in relation to their education. The money donated will go directly for these purposes and specifically those living in CAMP039. We acknowledge we can't help everyone and therefor we focus on this camp.  

We will make sure 100% of the aid arrives at CAMP039.

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About CAMP039

CAMP 039 lies in a remote area at the small border village Nebaa Faour in the Bekaa Valley, only 5 km from Syria.

The camp provides shelter for 80 people. It has existed for 3 years now. 

The adults are unemployed and the children are going to school. They tell of a poorly working school due to the lack of resources. Electricity rarely works and simple heating is done by the use of primitive ovens. Heat is a constant struggle during winter, water is polluted and hygiene is a huge problem.

The residents describe how they have experienced harassment and violence by the local society, when trying to move closer to the surrounding towns. Something which make them stay. In the camp they feel they can protect each other.

UNHCR reported they have registred 357.303 people in the Bekaa Valley as of June 2017. Unofficial estimats are claiming that more than 500.000 refugees currently live in the Bekaa Valley. During winter temperatures can drop to minus 14 degrees. Winther is on it’s way.

MobilePay +45 26 75 31 76 (DK)