Torture in SYria

Daraa / Mohammed's Story

by Martin Thaulow

I was arrested in 2012. When I got out of prison, I wasn't the same anymore.

- Mohammed

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Child marriage

From Child to Bride

Article by Ida Brink & Martin Thaulow 

When he beat me up, the family just looked, nobody did anything. When he put his hands around my neck, I couldn’t breathe.

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At the Turkish-Greek border

By Florian Elabdi | Photos by Martin Thaulow

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a gaze into everyday life

Photo essay no. 09
By Lilas Hatahet

When you get the opportunity to rebuild something, it is very important. It will make you feel that you are not a refugee; you are not a number or a label.
You are a person.

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Refugee Stories

See photo essays, read stories and interviews with refugees. Learn about their lives and their situations.

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We are a small company working with visual communication. With our skills, we decided to bring the focus to refugees.

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365 refugee portraits - One for each day. Since 2014 we have been working on a photobook with focus on the refugees of today.

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