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  • Syrian refugee children - A Forgotten Generation in Turkey
    16/08/2017 - Martin Thaulow
    A Forgotten Generation in Turkey

    In Turkey an estimate of 350.000 children is not going to School or getting education. Some say it is a lost generation - surely they are forgotten. We met the children in Istanbul and in the surrounding ares of the city, to find out who this children are.

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  • 22/06/2017 - Martin Thaulow
    Iraqi family rejected by Danish Refugee Appeal Board

    The family Jaafar currently lives in an asylum center at the Danish island Bornholm. Soon this is due to change as they were rejected by the Danish Refugee Appeal Board. Now the Danish Authorities have given the family 7 days to leave Denmark voluntarily. The family refuses to sign the official deportation papers as they fear for their lives.

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  • Refugees Caught in a limbo in the Danish Asylum System. Photo by Martin Thaulow.
    13/11/2016 - Ida Brink
    Refugees Caught in a limbo in the Danish Asylum System

    Surrounded by tall trees and security cameras in Mid Jutland, Denmark is Kærshovedgaard – a former prison now used as an institution for people who have not been allowed residency in Denmark, but who cannot or will not leave. The reason for this; they fear prosecution, torture or death in their home countries, or because their countries of origin refuse to receive them.

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  • The Rhamani Family, lifetime refugees. Photo by Martin Thaulow
    09/05/2016 - Martin Thaulow
    The Rhamani Family, lifetime refugees

    Meet the Rahman family. Both parents and kids were born in refugee camps in Iraq. They are stateless and seem to be forgotten. Mahmood Ali Rhamani was born in 1984 in the refugee camp Al-Tash. A camp located in central Iraq, close to the city Ramadi some 110 km from Baghdad. His parents fled Iran after the Iranina revolution in 1979, due to their Kurdish ethnicity and the father’s political activity.

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  • The Rojin Issa Case. Photo by Martin Thaulow
    14/01/2015 - Martin Thaulow
    A young Syrian woman due to be extradited to Bulgaria

    Rojin Issa, 19 years old, is a young Syrian woman due to be extradited to Bulgaria following a decision by Danish asylum authorities. If carried through the decision means a risk of living under conditions that according to international humanitarian organizations like the UNHCR, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch include abuse as well as inhumane and poor conditions.

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