The Rojin Issa Case. Photo by Martin Thaulow

A young Syrian woman due to be extradited to Bulgaria

Rojin Issa, 19 years old, is a young Syrian woman due to be extradited to Bulgaria following a decision by Danish asylum authorities. If carried through the decision means a risk of living under conditions that according to international humanitarian organizations like the UNHCR, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch include abuse as well as inhumane and poor conditions.

Following the disappearance of her then 17-year-old brother, she fled her native Syria with her mother and another minor brother in late 2013. Their flight route took them through Bulgaria where the police imprisoned them and initiated asylum procedures. Placing the family in the Harmanli refugee camp, which has drawn international criticism for inhumane conditions. Following granting of Bulgarian asylum status the family was left to live at the streets.

The poor state and conditions in Bulgaria made the family seek reasonable conditions and security in Denmark where they asked for asylum in July 2014. Danish authorities has decided that Rojins case should be treated according to the EU Dublin Convention making it possible to refuse Rojin entry to Denmark and extraditing her to Bulgaria, as she has been granted asylum there. The Danish authorizes has refused to take in consideration the conditions she is likely to be subjected to in Bulgaria – punitive prison detention due to her leaving Bulgaria, inhumane refugee camp conditions, lack of integration in the Bulgarian society etc.

Danish authorities are still considering the cases of Rojin’s mother and little brother. Shortly the date of extradition of Rojin (Jan. 20th, 2015) she disappeared from the Danish refugee camp where they were living.