Ghulam's story

Since May 2016 Ghulam and his son Ramazan have lived at asylum centers in Denmark, waiting for a decision on their application for asylum.

Meet Ghulam (b. 1930) from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ghulam is the father of Ramazan. They both lived in Kabul, Afghanistan and fled the country after Ramazan had been accused and imprisoned for treachery by the Taliban.
Their hope was to go to Sweden, where Ramazan’s wife and three children of age 7, 8 and 18 have been granted a residence permit. Ramazan’s oldest son had a couple of years earlier fled to Sweden and applied for family reunification with his mother and two other siblings but not with Ramazan, who was not able to leave Afghanistan at that time.

As the only one left to look after his father, Ramazan took Ghulam with him when he fled Afghanistan. 

On the train towards Sweden, Ghulam and Ramazan were caught by the Danish authorities and forced to have their fingerprints registered in Denmark. According to European law, they therefore must apply for asylum in Denmark. 

Since May 2016 they have lived at asylum centers in Denmark. At the moment they live at the asylum center ‘Slottet’ and are still waiting for the decision on their application for asylum.

Photo by Martin Thaulow, Copyright © Refugee.Today/Good people.