Maya's story

Maya’s misses her grandparents who are still living in Syria. She has not seen them for many years, only online when the network connection allows it. 

Meet Maya (b. 2009) from Damascus, Syria.

Maya’s father Ibrahim fled Syria because of the Syrian military. Like many other men before and after him he had to flee in order to avoid being forced to fight in the war. 

In Syria, Maya’s father was self-employed and the owner of three stores. One of the stores was placed in Damascus and the other two were located in the city of Latakia. 

Mayas father arrived in Denmark in 2015. Maya, her brother and her mother came to Denmark afterwards through family reunification. The whole family now live on Bornholm and Maya has got some good Danish friends.

Maya’s grandparents still live in Syria and she has not seen them for many years. Only online, when the network connection allows it. She misses them.

Photo by Martin Thaulow, Copyright © Refugee.Today/Good people.