Lydmila & Volodymyr

from Izium, Ukraine

War takes the best of the oldest and the future from the youth. Hope is to get home.

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Portreta autors // Portrait BY MARTIN THAULOW

Lydmila and Volodymyr have fled from Izium in Ukraine to the small village of Ådum, located near Tarm in Western Jutland, Denmark. Izium was occupied by the Russians early on, and after approximately 4 months, the couple fled through Russia because they couldn't cross from the occupied area to Ukraine


Their son Mikola had taken a huge risk the month before, successfully fleeing with his wife and two children to Denmark. It was him who convinced Lydmila and Volodymyr to flee to Denmark. Today, they all live in an apartment in the community center next to the church in the town. Izium has been liberated, but the area is heavily marked by the war. Resources are scarce, and there are still instances of Russians shelling this region, making it unsafe. Lydmila and Volodymyr do not know when they will be able to return.

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